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ScalaJobs.com provides a complete hiring solution by combining job posting, hiring platform and team extension services.

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Each month we reach tens of thousands of Scala Engineers who are actively looking for opportunities. We actively leverage our platform, social media channels and recruitment network to reach the right talent for your hiring needs.
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Our team consists of a mix of Scala Engineers and Recruiters. By leveraging this unique experience we can better understand your hiring needs and reduce your time-to-hire and cost-to-hire.
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We are deeply committed to the Scala community. We sponsor events and education. We provide free educational content to newcomers and provide free job posts for entry-level positions. Let's work together to grow the Scala community!
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Position your brand in the Scala community by putting your brand in front of tens of thousands of Scala engineers on our platform. Share your technical blog posts on our blog to reach an even wider audience!

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Coralogix Logo

Our collaboration with Scala Jobs has been exceptional from the outset.

From our initial interaction with Archie, there was a clear dedication to understanding Coralogix in-depth, from our specific technical needs for challenging positions to ensuring candidates also aligned with our company's core values.

The diligence and attention to detail were evident.

Scala Jobs efficiently filled intricate roles across Scala, Rust, and Machine Learning.

Their efforts have substantially contributed to the growth of our global team by bringing in remarkable talent.

Lotan Kessel Profile Picture
Lotan Kessel
Talent Acquisition, Coralogix
dé VakantieDiscounter Logo

As a leading online travel company in the Netherlands, sourcing top-tier talent in functional Scala has been a persistent challenge for us. Enter Scala Jobs – a recruitment company that has met this challenge head-on and has become an invaluable partner in our growth journey.

Our technical landscape is defined by the intricacies of functional Scala, a technology crucial to our eCommerce platform. Scala Jobs swiftly demonstrated their expertise by presenting a curated selection of candidates who not only matched our technical needs but also embraced our innovative spirit.

What sets Scala Jobs apart is their commitment to quality over quantity. They grasp our technical positions, presenting candidates tailored to our needs. This approach has streamlined our recruitment process, saving time and ensuring value with every hire.

Yet, it's the personal touch that makes Scala Jobs exceptional. Working with Archie has been a pleasure. His dedication, professionalism, and genuine care make him an indispensable extension of our team.

We wholeheartedly recommend Scala Jobs to any company seeking efficient and effective recruitment solutions. Their expertise and personalized approach have undeniably contributed to our success.

Sjors Grijpink Profile Picture
Sjors Grijpink
CTO at dé VakantieDiscounter

Our Team

Our team has a unique background and expertise in both Scala Engineering and Scala Recruitment.

We leverage this expertise to help you hire the right talent for your needs.

Community Driven

Fostering Scala community growth through sponsorships and education

  • Event Sponsorship

    Proud sponsors of ScalaDays 2023 in Madrid, Scala.io 2023 in Paris and Functional Scala 2022 in London.

  • Content Sponsorship

    We sponsor and promote Scala content creators like DevInsideYou on Youtube and many others on our blog section.

  • Free Courses

    Free Scala course material for entry-level and aspiring Scala Engineers.

  • Free Career Advice & Market Insights

    Free career advice and insights into the Scala market for both job seekers and hiring companies.

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